New sewing machine!!!

… But it’s not for me, it’s a birthday present for my Mum. She suggested I give her my machine and she’d get me a new one as I’d been thinking about getting a new one. Nice as that offer was, I decided to club together with my brother and my Dad and get her the same model I have – albeit a much newer version.


The dilemma I’m in with my machine is that it’s a bit like repairing an old car and then not being able to justify buying a new one. I’m ashamed to say that my grandmother bought it for me in 2006. But I didn’t actually use it til I was making the orders of service for our wedding in 2011! Then when I started quilting last year, I bought some bits for the machine to adapt it for quilting purposes. So now I feel I can’t really buy a new one. I don’t think I use it enough at the moment anyway.

I found the perfect birthday card to go with my Mum’s present:


And here’s a little something her first grandson made her, with a little help from me.


Ears, nose and mouth!

Evening in as a golf widow. No gym for me. The upside being I got to do the handstitching on my giraffe. He now has his ears, nose and mouth.


Filling in the nostrils was a little tricky. Not as neat as I’d like it to be. Made it up as I was going along really. But it’ll do!




Feel a bit nervous about the next step: sewing my colour blocks together. Think I’m going to have difficulties getting it all to fit together nicely. Watch this space!

Beginner’s mistakes

As I’m home alone (hubby on a stag do), I’ve resisted the lure of the TV in favour of working on my cot quilt. I finished tracing the rest of the giraffe onto the fusible web. I couldn’t understand why I had to trace it, cut it out, then iron it on to the fabric, then cut the shapes out of the fabric. That’s because I had misunderstood. Argh! I was supposed to iron the tracings onto the fabric and ONLY THEN cut it. Whoops. I realised this in time for the accent (brown) colours. But not for the yellow colour fabric.


I thought I’d be able to muddle through and iron on my cut out shapes to the yellow fabric, then cut again. Which would have been OK, had I not ironed them to the right side of the fabric, which was in fact the wrong side, I should have ironed them to the wrong side. Confused? I was.

Had to retrace the giraffe’s body and start again on a new piece of fabric. Thank god I had enough.

From there on in, it went smoother and I’m now ready to appliqué. That’s it for tonight though. Far too tired which means I’ll only make more mistakes!


Cross stitch continued

Been plodding on with my cross stitch in the evenings. Finding I’m too tired to start on my patchwork after a day looking after an 8-month old! So cross stitching in front of the tv is an acceptable compromise. I had been colouring in the stitches I’ve done in red, but I’ve switched to green tonight so I can see my more recent progress in order to motivate myself as cross stitch is such a slow burner!

Picking up my patchwork quilt

Now that I’ve finished one project, it’s time to pick up another. I’ve gone for the patchwork cot quilt. I think the last time I worked on this was when Andy Murray won Wimbledon. So almost a year ago. Shame on me! As per my previous post (Unfinished project No.4), I was hoping to finish this in the two weeks before my baby was due, but he had other ideas and came early.

Picking this up again, I’m not happy with some of the sewing. But I don’t really want to start again. So I’ll try not to be a perfectionist and try to treat this as the first-time project that it is.

The stage I’m starting at is the applique for the centre of the quilt, which is going to have a giraffe on it. Didn’t get very far at all with it tonight. Traced the giraffe’s body onto my fusible web and that’s it. But I’m tired. More tomorrow, hopefully.

Happy Father’s Day

First Father’s Day for our little family. All I managed in terms of craft for this event was getting a footprint of the little man (not as easy as it seems – he cried like I’d tortured him). And I staged a golf-themed photoshoot for his golf-mad dad. Framed photo for his desk at work. Except he now tells me he doesn’t have a set desk as such …

7 metres isn’t very long

The 1st birthday party I’ve been busy making bunting for is today. Weather forecast doesn’t look great, so could be soggy bunting by the end of it. This week, I’ve been busy with my new favourite toy – pinking shears! Cutting out flags from the leftover material from my Ava Rose bunting. I had to go and buy more ribbon as I managed to get another 40 flags cut out. Opted for 7 metres of ribbon, which I imagined would zig zag across the garden nicely. Hmm. My maths and spacial awareness has never been great. After finishing it in a rush yesterday morning, I found it didn’t go anywhere near as far as I thought. But didn’t have the time nor the money to whip up some more. Looking forward to seeing it up at the party, bit hoping it doesn’t get ruined in the rain that’s forecast.

Project no.1 finished!

Despite a pretty awful day, I have pulled it back from the brink and managed to finish my bunting this evening. That’s one project ticked off the list! Sort of. I said I’d use what’s leftover to make more bunting for this little one’s 1st birthday party. But I’m going to use pinking shears for this next lot so much less sewing involved. Will let you know how I get on. Ending the day on a happier note than I thought I would 🙂





A little progress

Yesterday was a bad day in baby land, so I didn’t get any crafting done. Despite a 5am start, today was a different story. Little man had two 2-hour naps so once I’d caught up on some chores, I rewarded myself with 15 mins on my cross stitch. That’s all I got before he woke up! But he was in bed early, so with some time to kill before Zumba, I managed to get all my bunting flags pinned on to the binding ready for sewing when I’m more awake – hopefully tomorrow. One project nearing completion! And this one’s birthday isn’t til next week, so I might have completed something on time for the first time in a while 🙂