Something is better than nothing

I find my mantra as a new mother is ‘something is better than nothing’. A few stitches on my cross stitch – better than nothing. Quick run or short gym workout because I’m too tired/busy to do more – better than nothing. The same with my quilt. Yesterday, I added the two vertical stripey borders in nap time. Today, I’ve added the two horizontal stripey borders. Neither took very long, but it’s all I’ve been able to squeeze in. Better than nothing!


I also paid a return visit to a lovely little fabric shop housed in an old kiln workshop yesterday. It’s where I purchased some of the fabric for the quilt way back when last summer. Yesterday, I went to get the wadding and backing. I’ve ended up with double the amount of wadding. Just in case I ever decide to make another of these quilts. Perhaps a blue, green and yellow one for my little boy …..? No, no more new projects. Apart from some bunting I’ve offered to do for a friend’s little girl’s 1st birthday. Oops. But I’m thinking I can use up the leftover fabric from this quilt to make it. Anyway, here’s the wadding and backing.


This is where the instructions get a little vague …


I’m waiting for my new fabric marking pens to arrive. I’m going to mark on where I want to quilt, so that I don’t mess it up. So I’m a bit stuck until they arrive.

I also need to work out how to attach and use the walking foot I bought for my very basic machine.


In the meantime, I’m going to curl up and read up on techniques in the books I got given for Christmas 2012, when I first started quilting. I say started, all I’ve made so far is a notepad cover in classes I did with some friends with a local lady. And that was over a year ago. Have no recollection of the binding bit!


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