Wish upon a star?

Can’t avoid it any longer. It’s time to pick up the quilt again. I wanted to mark on the star shapes I’m going to quilt. Sounds simple. Not so. How does one draw a 5-pointed star? I’ve consulted Google and had a go but I’m not happy with what I’ve come up with. Any tips? Help me!

This is the effect I was going for/the quilt I’m copying:

This is the best star I’ve managed to create:


It just doesn’t look right. I’m tempted to abandon the stars and just sew diagonally from corner to corner of each square. What do you think?

UPDATE: found a helpful tutorial which has resulted in this:


Needs tweaking tomorrow, but all is not lost.


2 thoughts on “Wish upon a star?

  1. I was going to suggest drawing a pentagon and then adding on the points of the star to that, but I reckon you’ve cracked it already!

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