These shoes aren’t made for walking

Some friends of ours had a baby girl on Tuesday and I was immediately struck down with a severe case of new project-itis. What could I make? And quickly? I was aiming to make something there and then that evening. After a Google search I found a pattern for baby shoes. Great, I thought, I can even use leftover fabric from some of the bunting I made.

I cut my pieces out as per the instructions.

Then I pinned and sewed the outside tops to the inside fabric. I cut the excess inside fabric off after sewing, as per the guide. Good timesaver. Then clipped the corners and curves.



I then turned out the tops of the shoes and pressed them.


This is where it started getting confusing for me. Not helped by fact that the spelling, grammar and general flow of the instructions was pretty hopeless. I’m easily distracted by bad spelling and grammar. Oh the perils of being an Editor. Finally, I worked out what I had to do next (open up back edge of shoe and put right sides together, sew, then fold outside over so the seam is hidden. Voila. A bit of pleating occurred, but hey ho.


At this point, it was time for bed. So much for a ‘quick’ project. My husband had arrived home at 9:30pm to find me ‘in the zone’. No dinner prepared. You know what it’s like when you start something new, well if you’re impatient like me and want to finish it now, now, now!

I picked up yesterday with attaching the soles. This is where it got really confusing for me. Thought I’d got it sussed, but the seams were far from hidden, which is what they were supposed to be.


Trying again with a different fabric, I was finding the soles were coming up much too big to ‘ease in’ without ‘access’ (excess!!) fabric.


The denim wasn’t working for me. So I went back to the bright pink fabric, chopped a bit off the top to make a better fit and, after many wrong turns, I managed to attach the outside and inside soles.


Having left a hole in the toe, I then had to turn the shoe out through the hole, sew along the seam and trim off the excess fabric.




And this is what I ended up with. A very wonky shoe!


My second one was a little better.


But they’re not a great match.


I think I’ll keep these for a dolly/teddy to wear. So I haven’t bothered attaching the ribbon. Now I know what I’m doing, I’ll have another go at making the shoes and, hopefully, it’ll be much quicker next time round. It doesn’t look like we’ll get time to meet Bethany (the intended owner of these shoes) til next week now, so I’ve got time to have another go.

And then, I can’t ignore it any longer, I must get back to my quilt. Especially now these have arrived.


Is anyone else guilty of putting off projects they’re a bit nervous about by creating new projects? I can’t be the only one. Next weekend I’m seeing my niece, so it’d be great to hand over the finished cot quilt. I don’t really want to hang on to it til Christmas. Far too impatient for that. However, that means I do need to get my skates on, which is difficult when looking after a nearly 10-month old baby all day. Wish me luck!


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