The end is in sight

I was hoping to be all done today, but haven’t achieved that. Maybe tomorrow.

I started by using a damp cloth to remove the fabric marker pen. Then I ironed the quilt. This was during little man’s morning nap time.


During afternoon nap time, which was longer than expected, I made the binding. After several false starts with different lengths, I worked out that I needed to cut out six inch strips so that they’d end up 5.5″, like the blocks.


Picking up tonight, I’ve sewn the strips together.



I’ve then trimmed off the excess wadding and backing. I did this with scissors first, then the rotary cutter.



I’m not sure it’s as square as it could be. I confirmed this by stitching a 1/4″ seam round the edge of there quilt. Which I should’ve done before trimming. Oops.

I was about to attach the binding, when I got in a pickle. I’ve made single binding but was reading instructions for double binding. So, I’ve packed up for the night. Fresh eyes tomorrow. I’ve got two fairly free days so hopefully I’ll finish it in time.


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