To do: squares, squares, squares

Today was my penultimate KIT (keeping in touch) day at work, before I return to work part-time in October. I treated myself to some new stationary on my lunch break:

My post-baby brain is failing me and I’m always writing to do lists on scrap bits of paper. So I thought this may help me return to my pre-baby uber-organised ways. This week, the list will read: squares, squares, squares, make birthday card to be read out on CBeebies (little man’s 1st bday is fast approaching). No time for housework this week. Again.

Work getting in the way as it does, followed by a quick run tonight, I haven’t been very productive on the squares today. I’ve cut the equivalent of 6 6×6 squares out of leftovers of what I’ve cut so far. If my memory serves me correctly, and my calculations aren’t wrong (which they most likely are), I need 88 6″x6″ squares for this quilt. Scores on the doors are:
At yesterday’s count: 33
With today’s squares: 39

Must do better tomorrow!

Am trying to salvage the insides of the Sainsbury’s outfits, as the labels are quite cute. Can you spot the teddy which was lurking inside one outfit?



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