Seeing stars: take two

Trying day in Mummyland means that I’ve not cut as many squares as I’d hoped to have done. Struggling to get my little man to nap, but I’m hoping this is temporary – due to him being overstimulated by all the new things he’s learning. Today he’s been pulling himself up to standing on everything, me being his favourite climbing frame.

My day has been brightened up greatly as my husband surprised me by telling me we’re going on a spa day tomorrow for our wedding anniversary! Just what the doctor ordered.

Anyway, back to squares. Here’s today’s haul.



The stars babygro was 12-18 months so provided lots of squares. I was distracted by the news of my surprise spa day and managed to mess up the cutting of both the 6×6 squares I intended to get out of it. So I’ve ended up with one rather ropey one and lots of smaller ones. With every 4 3×3 squares equating to one 6×6 square, I’ve cut out the equivalent of 11 squares today.
Yesterday’s total: 39
Today’s total: 50

Creeping there slowly.

I think I could be suffering from rotary-cutter elbow. If such a thing exists.


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