The tale of a sliced finger, a missed deadline and being saved by a friend

An emergency quilt meeting was held on Sunday night as I was struggling with the piecing. It was decided that the 9×9 squares should be cut down to 6×6, then we’d only have two sizes of squares to work with. “Can you just cut one down now?” my friend/client asked. “Sure.”

Lesson: do not talk and cut at the same time. I sliced a chunk off my left index finger with the rotary cutter. An hour and a half later, when the bleeding hadn’t stopped, I went to A&E. After waiting there an hour and not being seen, I came back home again! There was a three-hour wait and I didn’t fancy being there til 1am when my little man has been waking at 5:30am. So I went for the DIY approach.


Being right-handed, I didn’t think it would hinder me that much. But, even now, I keep forgetting that I use that finger to type. And I can’t. For now.

Anyway, previous to the incident, the deadline of today (!!) was relaxed. On the basis that the – now one-year-old – recipient wouldn’t know if it was late.

I cut the rest of the large squares down. And that’s all I managed all week.


Until tonight. I cut what I hoped was my last few squares. And started piecing again, according to what we’d agreed on Sunday night.


Still busy. At this point, I was in despair. Wanting to rewind time and not accept this commission. I sent a despairing message to my crafty friends and a suggestion came back: try blocks of 4 larger squares and blocks of 4 smaller squares. I tried it.


A big improvement! So I carried on.


I’m going to pack it all away now, will start again next week. But am much happier with this type of formation. So glad my plea for help was answered! I’d be lost without my crafty friends.


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