Here’s one I made a lot earlier …

My parents are having a clear out in preparation to move closer to us. A couple of bags of stuff was passed on to me. Amongst the holiday diaries (my parents were teachers; every summer, we had to write a holiday diary), exercise books, certificates, etc., there were some crafty projects.

This is what I made for my Textiles GSCE coursework way back when in 1998/9.


It was for a little girl I used to babysit for. I think she was just over 1. I remember that the polo neck didn’t actually fit over her head. So we had to improvise with one of her white tops for the photos. I think the examiner would have easily spotted that the top in the photos was not the same as the one I’d made, given that the one in the photos was a long-sleeved round neck. But, hey, I still got a B, I think.

I’ll keep this little outfit just in case we have need of it one day.



Didn’t intend to have quite such a long absence from blogging. But I did need a break after the quilt madness. One week has turned into several.

The past week, we were in North Devon for a friend’s 30th. One house, 14 adults, 6 babies/toddlers. Madness. Came home more tired than we were before our ‘holiday’.

The weather was lovely in the latter part of the week, so there was lots of this:
(These wonky beaches are a pain.)

And this:


I feel disgusting after a week of overindulging. But as luck would have it, today I had a 5k run in aid of a local hospice. It was called ‘Dash of colour’. We started looking like this:


And ended like this:


Very good fun. But now the serious training must commence. I have my 5th Grim 8 in December and I’m very out of shape.

Will resume crafty posts next time.