CBeebies birthday card

My attention has been diverted from the memory quilt while I’ve been busy working on a birthday card for my little man who turns one on the 14th. My brother has had great success getting cards he’s made for his girls read out on the birthday slots on CBeebies. So no pressure.

Stanley (my little man) enjoys watching Waybuloo of an evening. I thought I’d be a mum that doesn’t encourage tv-watching. But come the witching hour, I’ll take anything that helps us to get through to bath time. It’s a programme about four ‘Piplings’ who live in a land called Nara. They do yoga! And there’s children (called cheebies, bit creepy I find) that join in with the yoga poses.

So, it had to be a Waybuloo themed card.

I’m not much of an artist so I cheated and printed off colouring in sheets of two of the characters (Nok Tok and Yojojo) to use as templates.





Their faces posed a bit of a challenge. Rather than colouring them in, I used a piece of scrapbook paper and just coloured in the eyes.



Added their mouths …


Made the background. Couldn’t have a blue sky as Nok Tok (the blue one) would’ve blended in.


At this point, I encountered a slight hitch when my photo printer ran low on ink. But I managed to print a reasonable photo on normal paper on our normal printer. I added his name and age. Voila!


I’ve just posted it off to CBeebies for the princely sum of £3.20. I don’t get it back and it may not even appear on the TV channel on the day of his birthday. I really hope it does. I’ve not helped my chances as they ask to receive cards 4 weeks before the birthday. But, seriously, who’s that organised? I thought I was good starting it with two weeks to go.

Now I can get back to the quilt. It’s non-stop! Who knows how I’m going to get anything done when I go back to work 2 days a week in a few week’s time.

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