Sew it begins

Sewing of the memory quilt has begun! Things should speed up from hereon in. She says hopefully.

After another evening of piecing last night, which started like this:

I’m using the pink single duvet as a side guide. Clearly, it doesn’t go.

I was struggling with how to use the smaller squares to fill in the gaps. Use lots of the same like this?


Or mix it up a bit, like this?


Having consulted my crafty friends/gurus, I opted for the latter.

The next challenge was how to get it all upstairs onto the spare bed, without messing it all up. The problem with a crawling baby roaming around is that I can’t leave it out during the day, so end up having to pack it all up each night. So I thought the spare bed would be a good new home for it. Anyway, I digress. I seized upon the idea that I might be able to roll the duvet cover up, row by row. Worth a try rather than having to transport all the squares upstairs and then reassemble.


Amazingly, it worked! I felt like I’d won the lottery. Time saved, woohoo!


I was going to have an early night tonight, but then Mr UnfinishedCrafter informed me that he had booked the tv to play on the Playstation. So, instead, I’ve pinned my first row, dusted off the sewing machine and started the sewing. Hurrah. I’ve done the first block and then hung up my sewing hat til tomorrow.




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