Slow progress

I ended my last post by setting myself the (slightly overambitious) task of sewing the quilt top of my latest memory quilt by the end of that week. I failed. Miserably. Over two weeks on, I’m hardly any further on.

The reasons for this are, as follows …


A lovely girly weekend spent in a log cabin in the Forest of Dean, on the last weekend of November. There was a hot tub and prosecco, need I say more! But for me, the absolute best bit was spending Saturday afternoon cross stitching whilst watching a film (About Time) and eating chocolate. Bliss. And something, as a Mummy, I never get to do anymore. (Little Man remained at home with Daddy.) So, despite a complete lack of progress on the quilt, I have made inroads on my cross stitch.


One evening last week, I got a little done on the quilt.


And, on the craft front, that’s been it.

On Saturday, I completed my 5th Grim 8. Which is an 8 mile run through mud and water on tank training land in Aldershot.


As a post-race treat, we went up to London, staying near Tower Bridge. Very near, as you can see from the view from our hotel room’s window.


And before heading home, we had a lovely sunny walk along the South Bank.


We’re hosting a Christmas bash on Saturday and my head is full of crafty ideas of things to make in advance. The sad thing is, I’m seriously lacking in time. I might see if I can squeeze in some bunting, but that’ll be about it.

On a more positive note, we put our tree up last night. How long til my little monkey pulls it over?



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