Quick Christmas stocking

New-project-itis struck me again last week. A friend had asked me to make a Christmas stocking for her little girl from her Christmas outfit from last year. Realising Christmas was getting ever closer, I got her to drop it round. This was it:


I was actually expecting a couple of outfits or something that I could cut up and make some sort of patchwork stocking from, like a smaller version of the memory blankets I’ve been making. However, my friend was envisaging the angel from the babygro being mounted on a stocking. That night, I cut the angel out.


I was going to buy some red felt the next day, and then I remembered … I was supposed to be attending a Christmas Angel making craft session last month with my Mum. We couldn’t make it, but I’ve still got the fabric I bought for us. My friend requested that above all else, I keep the stars from the babygro as her daughter loves stars at the moment. As luck would have it, I had some star fabric, in red and white. So I decided to do a lined stocking, with the outer fabric bring red with white stars and the inner, which would be turned over and shown as the cuff, white with red stars.

I interfaced the angel, ready for appliqué.


Then I traced round the stocking my Mum made for my little boy, to get a template. Then I pinned it to my fabrics, which were wrong sides together.


Then I appliquéd the angel to the front piece of the stocking.


After that, I sewed all the stocking pieces together. I made a loop from a scrap of the red fabric and sandwiched it between the layers, so that it would be on the outside when the cuff is turned out.




I used my pinking shears round the top of the stocking, so the cuff had a nice edge. I then used them round the inside seams, to stop fraying and reduce bulk.


This was the end result.


Pretty happy with that, especially as it only took about 2 hours. And little Emelia loved all the stars. Can’t say better than that!


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