Christmas crafternoon!

On Sunday, it was time for our annual Christmas Crafternoon. An excuse for colleagues old and new to get together, wear Christmas jumpers, eat Christmas food and, most importantly, craft. While watching Love Actually, as we do every year. Apologies for the grainy photos, my phone camera doesn’t have a flash. Or take good photos.


For my friend Emily (ThePolkaDotGiraffe) and I, it was also a precious child-free afternoon where we could craft without interruptions. Emily had a productive afternoon crocheting:


Lucy, our hostess with the mostest, (who also blogs) worked on a Christmas cross-stitch:


Clare knitted squares for a baby blanket:


Maddy made Christmas decorations out of modelling clay. These will go in the oven to harden and then will be ready for the tree. They were so intricate, it was fascinating to watch.




And I worked on my cross-stitch. When I started this blog back in May in an attempt to motivate myself to finish my unfinished projects, I said I hoped to have this finished for my Nan’s birthday or Christmas. It’s her birthday tomorrow, so as you can see, that’s not going to happen. Maybe next year?


Anyway, a lovely afternoon was had by all. Roll on next year’s Crafternoons. Let’s hope we can fit in more than two next year.


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