On the mend

Not much crafting has happened since I finished my latest memory quilt. Not much blogging either. I had every intention of doing a year’s review, but seeing as we’re over halfway through January, I think I’ll save that til May, and instead review what I’ve accomplished in the year since I started this blog.

I need to sit down and write a list of all my UFOs/WIPs. I’ve started another list. A ‘crafty ideas’ list. Things I’d like to try one day … So far it only has three things on it, but I’m sure it’ll grow quickly.

I’m trying a new tactic of ‘put down the tablet/smartphone and craft’. It’s not very successful so far – the tablet is winning out right now so I can write this – but I did have a productive hour or two last week when I worked my way through my ‘to be mended’ pile.

First up, was Gerald the giraffe who required major arm surgery. He looked much happier afterwards and my little man was delighted to be reunited with his very good friend.



Next, repairing the pocket of my husband’s coat, where I tested out my slip stitch skills.



Sewing a button back on to little man’s trousers. Albeit with different coloured thread.



Repairing a shirt pocket.



Reattaching part of little man’s quiet book, which he’d pulled off.



And, finally, reattaching one of his mittens to its string.


Which reminds me, one of my unfinished projects (from May) is to work my way through another pile of things to be mended, which has long since been banished tidied away in a hamper. Time to put down the tablet – less screen time, more craft time!


3 thoughts on “On the mend

  1. Wow I bet that was a good satisfying feeling you felt after doing all that mending. Maybe you will motivate me to mend my coat that has had a little rip in it for months!

    • It was strangely satisfying, for something that seemed so unappealing to do. So much so that I tackled my other pile of mending last night, which had been waiting months, if not years! And I now have a coat, cardigan and skirt back in circulation. Plus another unfinished project is finished. The question is, what to do next?!

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