Cross stitch calculations

On a roll after my mending endeavours, last night, I tackled the rest of my mending pile, meaning unfinished project no.6 is now finished.

So, now it’s time to tackle another one. I’ve been doing the odd bit here and there on unfinished project no.2, mostly at the pub on a Wednesday lunchtime. It’s currently looking like this:


I thought I’d see how many stitches I could do in an hour tonight. I did roughly 100. Not sure if that’s slow or not. There was a far bit of tv watching and stopping to change channels. Then I did a very rough count of how many stitches there are left. Looking at the chart, I estimated I have 27 squares of 100 stitches left. So, even I didn’t need a calculator to work out that I’ve got – roughly – 27 hours work left to do on this. Gulp. Considering it took me two months to do 23 hrs on my last quilt, this is somewhat daunting. HOWEVER, unlike quilting, I can do this sat in front of the tv. So, I’m going to set myself the challenge of finishing this cross stitch by the end of February. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Cross stitch calculations

    • Thanks very much. Having managed a couple of hours on it, I think may have overestimated the number of stitches/hours left, so hopefully it’ll be finished sooner than I thought! Will check out your blog.

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