Death by chocolate – salted caramel chocolate torte

As well as all things craft, I love baking, so I thought I’d share a recent creation.

A friend sent me a picture of her dressed up ready to go out to a fancy dress party at 9:30pm on Saturday night. Embarrassingly, at that point I was in my PJs, and had been since my son went to bed at 7pm. That’s how we roll in our house these days. So, while some of my peers were out partying, I was baking in my PJs. I made the most calorific dessert I think I’ve ever made.

We’d been invited for a Sunday roast at my brother-in-law’s and had been asked to bring dessert. In the spirit of making life as hard for myself as I can, I wasn’t going to go to the shop and buy a dessert. Oh no. Too easy. Cheating, in fact. I consulted my good friend, the BBC Good Food website and came across a recipe for Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte. I love chocolate and I love salted caramel, I just had to make it.

The base was fairly simple, crushed digestive biscuits mixed with melted butter and left to set. So far, not too calorificly horrifying. Or maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong! Then pretty much a whole tin of Carnation condensed milk went onto the base. It wasn’t supposed to reach the edges of the biscuit base, but I couldn’t stop it from doing so. The calories shot up. But, it gets worse, much worse. The next step was to melt 300g plain chocolate and, once it had cooled a little, stir in 600ml of double cream. 600ml! After leaving it to cool a little more, it then went over the caramel layer. I left it to set overnight and then decorated the top with a little leftover caramel, which had been mixed with some cream, of course.

This is the end result.


Apologies for the terrible photo taken on my phone. It was this point that, reading the recipe again, I noticed that it was 920 calories PER SLICE. Can that be right? I guess, when you know what’s in it. Not good for the calorie-counting I started last week. That was based on 8 servings. There were 5 of us on Sunday – I made a trifle for the children – and we had less than half of the torte so can’t have had 920 calorie servings. Yesterday, I took the leftovers into work where I knew they would be eaten up. Although I think I should have kept the calorie load to myself as people were very conservative with their portion sizes, unsurprisingly.

3 thoughts on “Death by chocolate – salted caramel chocolate torte

  1. Wow that sounds and looks yummy! So it’s nearly half your RDA in one slice. Ha! I’d probably have two in one day if I didn’t make it and see all the ingredients go in!! Ah well at least there are no preservatives or whatever in there…

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