28 (and a bit) days later

I set myself the challenge of finishing my Westie cross stitch by the end of Feb. Did I make it? Of course not. But, I was oh so close.

My dedication to the cause was such that, when taking my little man on a trip to a farm on Friday, I took my cross stitch with me ‘just in case’ he fell asleep en route. And he did. So I spent a lovely half an hour cross stitching in my car, with the sun shining through the window. I got a few odd looks from people parking up nearby, but who cares. Must make the most of this precious time. Another plus was that my little man recharged his batteries which meant we could spend longer at the farm.



I was desperately hoping to finish it at the weekend, but I didn’t quite make it. Very sadly, I had to miss out on a crafternoon due to my husband working, so, on Sunday, I used little man’s nap time to put in a solid hour and a half on the cross stitch. I then worked on it on the train on my way to and from work on Monday, and ‘finished’ it on Monday night. I’ve then spent the next two evenings, and yesterday lunchtime, tidying it up. Tightening loose threads, redoing stitches which had come out and filling in missing stitches. Never will I let a cross stitch get in such a mess again! I will be much more methodical in future, she says hopefully.

Having given it a quick press last night, here it is as of this morning. The finished cross stitch!



Now, to decide whether to frame it or make it into a cushion …

Other lessons learnt from this are to photocopy the pattern first. This pattern has been well-loved, to say the least. Which made deciphering some of the stitches rather difficult.

DSC_0088 DSC_0089 DSC_0087

For anyone wondering about the colour-coding, the red is what I’d done when I first started this cross stitch way back when in early 2013, and the green is everything since. I’d hoped to have finished it for my Nan’s birthday in December 2013, but I had my son in October 2013 and that went out the window. I picked it back up in June last year, when it looked like this.


Since then, I’ve sporadically worked on it around other projects. Then, in January, I set myself the challenge of finishing it by the end of Feb.

I really did start to give up towards the end, hence why my threads are now in a tangled mess like this.


So, what next? On my ‘to do’ list I have:

  • making something to sell at my work’s Comic Relief Crafternoon stall next Friday. I’m thinking something Mother’s Day-related may be a winner
  • two memory cushions to match the memory quilts I’ve made
  • a poppy tapestry I was hoping to make for my Mum for Mother’s Day, but which I think I’ll now save for her birthday in July
  • a memory bear for my nephew’s 2nd birthday in April
  • bunting for my friend’s wedding in September

Lot’s to do. Better crack on! After having a little rest first, of course.


5 thoughts on “28 (and a bit) days later

  1. Oh hooray!! He (or she?) looks amazing. The colours are so nice. Well done!! I think you should frame it so it doesn’t get ruined. Good luck with the rest of your projects – most have deadlines so let’s hope you can make them! 😀

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