Hoopla hurrah

I’ve finishing framing Option 1 of my French knot embroideries in the hoop. Which I’ve discovered is called Hoopla. I found a few methods online to finish the back, and ended up combining a couple.

I drew around the inside of the inner hoop onto some leftover white felt and cut out two circles. I put one against the back of my embroidered silk noile, and then, having cut the fabric to an inch around the frame (too short I now think), i used a running stitch to gather the fabric at the back of the hoop.


Then I placed the second felt circle against the gathered fabric, and, using a whip stitch, sewed it onto the back.


All done over a crafty pub trip yesterday lunchtime.

I damped it last night, to wash away the washable fabric pen I’d used. Nice and dry this morning, I’ve added a ribbon to try and hide the screw at the top. It’s a bit bigger than I’d have liked, but it’s the only suitable ribbon I could lay my hands on. So it’ll have to do!


I also added a little label to the back.


Now all that remains is to wrap it up and post it off to my friend. It was actually her birthday yesterday, but she’ll excuse it being a little late. 

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