Friendly frog: back to the ’90s

I needed a small project to work on during my weekly pubcraft trip. With nothing immediately available, I had to raid my sewing box. This is literally a time capsule. I still have the gift tag that came with it:  

It had remained at my parents’ house since I went to uni and only came back into my possession a year or two ago. It probably hadn’t been opened for getting on for 20 years! There’s a few kits in there half completed and some uncompleted ones. Well, I must admit, the box itself is in the loft because it’s past its best (I’m saving it just in case I was ever to have a girl).  

I selected a DMC kit called ‘Friendly frog’.  

It comes with a frame and a frog button.  

Having sorted my threads out over a Coke and bag of crisps at lunchtime, I managed to get started on the half stitches on the train journey home from work.  

My new Frixion highlighter got its first use! But I need a bigger hoop.

3 thoughts on “Friendly frog: back to the ’90s

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