One year on …

Today marks a year since I started this blog. Happy blogday/blogiversary/whatever you call it to me! I’m pleased I’ve stuck at it. And I thank you for reading. At the end of last year, when everyone was doing ‘end of year’ reviews, I said I’d save mine for when I’d been blogging a year. So, here goes.

I kicked off with two lots of bunting and refashioning an old pair of my husband’s jeans into a toolbelt. 
Meanwhile, I’d continued work on the giraffe cot quilt I’d begun in January 2013 and finally finished it in August. Plus I hosted the first Crafternoon of the year, where I made some baby booties.  
In September, I received my first commission: a boy’s memory quilt. A mishap with my rotary cutter cost me the tip of a finger. But, do not be alarmed, it did grow back!  

Finished the memory quilt and made a Waybuloo-themed birthday card for my son. It didn’t make it on to children’s TV 😦

Started my next commission, a girl’s memory quilt.  
Turned an old babygro into a Chrismas stocking and had our Christmas Crafternoon. 
Finished my second memory quilt and made a calorific salted caramel chocolate torte.  
Back on to birthday presents, this time for my niece’s 3rd birthday.  
March was a productive month (by my standards)!  
As was April …  
And, back to the present:


Not too bad for a mum of a toddler who doesn’t have much free time. This blog – and reading others’ – has certainly motivated me to try new things. Perhaps at the expense of not finishing some of my existing UFOs/WIPs …

Looking back, my favourite makes were the giraffe quilt – a labour of love – and the memory bear. I’m particularly proud of those two.

 Thank you for sharing in the past year with me!


11 thoughts on “One year on …

  1. Congratulations on your first year of blogging. Although, it’s terrifying that you lost part of your finger, I may never look at my rolly cutter the same way again. Still, it’s terrific that it grew back.

    • Thank you. Just don’t rotary cut anything while talking at the same time, is my advice. And, definitely don’t shake you finger in pain if you do cut yourself = blood spots on the wall!

    • Thanks, Jana. I’d quite like to do some knitting this year. I’ve got two friends having babies this winter, so that’s a good enough excuse for me. I’ve got to make a matching cushion for each of the memory quilts I made, the bunting for my friend’s wedding and the hay bale covers, and I haven’t yet started the poppy tapestry for my Mum. That’s just a few things to keep me going!

  2. You have got more productive as the months has passed! Well, in terms of the number of products anyway. Making one memory quilt is probably the same as making five different things if you know what I mean… Your makes are always so good. I love the giraffe quilt from way back last year!

  3. What a lovely flashback post this was. I especially loved the memory quilts/bear. It’s a new concept to me and I loved the idea. Thoroughly enjoyed the snapshot of the past year. Congratulations on your milestone! Looking forward to many more of your creative pursuits.

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