Westie has a wash

Can’t quite believe that it’s been 6 months since I finished my Westie cross stitch. I never did make a decision about framing him or making him into a cushion. Now that I’m going to be visiting my grandmother – who the cross stitch is for – in a couple of weeks, it was decision time. I opted for framing. But, this meant I needed to give him another press and, possibly a wash.

I found a really useful tutorial on how to wash a cross stitch, here

Before – a bit crumpled and a bit marked from the hoop:  

Into the washing-up bowl: lukewarm water and a little Fairy Liquid, soaked for 15 minutes. I put a little lemon juice on one of the marks before soaking. Note to self: don’t do this in future.  

Onto a white towel, folded in half and then rolled to remove some of the excess water.


Then onto another white towel and topped with a clean tea towel, pressed with a warm iron until dry.


In the light of day this morning, the lemon juice had left a bit of a mark. But, the framer assures me it won’t be noticeable once it’s mounted and framed properly. Just as well, for the amount it’s costing! Just the 6-8 week wait for the finished frame …


7 thoughts on “Westie has a wash

    • I wonder if it’s because I used Jif Lemon rather than actual lemon juice. I’m hanging my head in shame/embarrassment :/ It was that or white vinegar, and I didn’t want it to smell like fish and chips!

  1. What a gorgeous piece of work! Your grandmother will be chuffed to bits! Top tip about the lemon juice – thanks! I’m always so scared of washing my completed cross stitch pieces, especially where there’s been a lot of confetti – I’m scared of stitches falling out!

    • I was really worried too, but I think putting it in a bowl rather than risking a spin in the washing machine (shock horror!) means that there’s not much chance of that happening. I’m very embarrassed to say that I didn’t use lemon juice in it’s natural form, so I think my chosen brand may have a touch of food colouring that is responsible for the slight discolouration!!!

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