Last-minute Mummy-make: No-sew sheep costume

Sorry to have been quiet of late, moving house whilst heavily pregnant has put paid to much crafting. 

My Little Man started pre-school last month, his first foray into the world of childcare. At the grand old age of two, he’s able to express to me that he’s not all that happen about this recent development. Shortly after he started, I was notified that he was going to be a sheep in their nativity play. Me being me, my immediate thought was ‘How can I make him a costume?’ even though I’m moving house in a matter of weeks and will have no time to do so. I spotted some sheep costumes in the supermarket and I was going to go back and buy one so I had something in reserve ‘just in case’. Of course, I’ve been back multiple times since and they’ve never had his size. How many times do I need to learn the lesson of: buy something when you see it. So, that left me with no choice but to do a Mummy-make. What I’m sure is going to be the first of many costumes …

Never one to leave things til the last minute 😉, I began work on this yesterday afternoon. (His nativity was today!) Luckily for me, this was a quick make. I based it on a costume I saw here.

For the body, I used a long-sleeved plain white t-shirt, two bags of cotton wool balls, a glue gun and about 10 glue sticks:

I stuck the balls of cotton wool on in sections, like this: 
Voila! I used a clump of balls at the back, for a tail and left it hung up to dry for a bit. The top took about 20 minutes to make, super quick!

Once Little Man was safely tucked up in bed last night, and I’d reattached some cotton wool balls which had fallen off the top, I set out to make him a sheep headband. Luckily, I happened to have a white alice band, which also fitted his had, so I used that. I had some leftover black and white felt, from which I cut out two white ears and two black ears, and a circle of white for the head. I’d run out of cotton wool at this point, so ending up ripping some bits of leftover wadding into balls (this actually worked much better than the cotton wool and I wished I used it for the top too).  

Rather than get my sewing machine put, I opted to stick one ear piece in white felt to the corresponding black piece, times two. I stuck the wadding balls to the white circle and stuck the circle to the alice band. I stuck the ears either side of the circle and used extra wadding balls to hide the joins.    

The finished outfit. 

Little Man doesn’t own any black trousers or long sleeved-tops, so I left the sleeves as they were and put him in an old pair of grey jogging bottoms. The cotton wool didn’t last long, by the time he made his stage debut, there were a few bald patches!

There were cotton wool balls scattered around the hall and he left a trail through the car park on our way back to the car. 😳

Mummy and her, somewhat unimpressed, little lamb.  

Lessons learnt:

  • For a more durable costume, it would have been better to sew the cotton wool on. Or, use a fabric glue, perhaps.
  • Using wadding scraps is better than using cheap cotton wool.
  • This is a hot outfit to wear and cotton wool gets everywhere!

Do you have any costume successes or failures you’d like to share?

Cast your vote …

I need your help to choose between two French knot designs. But, first, Happy Easter! Here’s one I made a lot earlier (circa early 1990s).

My parents are preparing to move nearer to me, and when having a sort out, they came across this and decided to pass it back to me. I can’t remember when I made this for my Dad, but I’m fairly sure it would’ve been when I was at primary school. A loooooooooong time ago!

Right, back to the task at hand. Inspired by the amazing work of Ambrosia Stitches and with a friend’s birthday on the horizon, I decided to have a go at some hand embroidery. Following the Ambrosia Stitches tutorial ‘A project that will make you love French knots’, I was aiming to create something like this, but for the letter ‘L’.

Having consulted my friend on her preferred colours – keeping it vague by saying I was making something for her new home – I decided to go for blues and greens. Two blues, two greens. I ordered some silk noile online, which ended up coming from someone who lives down the road (so to speak), so I’ll save myself the postage in future. My local haberdashery had never heard of silk noile. Neither had I. Thank god for the internet!

It didn’t take me too long to master French knots before I began. That was the easy bit. I’m still not sure what the centre of the letter ‘L’ is. For my first effort, I put off working that out for so long that I ended up with this instead.


Not exactly what I was aiming for. I wasn’t happy. So decided to have another go. This time, with a smaller ‘L’. And trying to create more of an ‘explosion’ of French knots, I have this.


I’m not 100% happy with that either. So, I need your help! Please comment and let me know which you prefer, or if you have any suggestions (start again?). Pretty please! I’d really appreciate it. Let’s call them Option 1 and Option 2.


Look forward to hearing your responses!

***UPDATE*** Well, that was unanimous! Option 1 it is.

First birthday makes

The memory quilt took a backseat last week while I was busy preparing for my little man’s 1st birthday bash which took place on Saturday.

The first thing I made was a timeline of his first 12 (well, 11, actually) months.



Despite trying to be as organised as I could, and baking the birthday cake on the Thursday night, Friday night still passed in a blur of baking and decorating cakes. I’d bought some rice paper cake toppers with jungle animals on. We had a jungle theme as that’s the theme in his nursery. I’d thought it’d be really quick to whip up and ice 24 fairy cakes. Which it would’ve been, if I hadn’t had to cook dinner (courgette lasagne), turn my sponge from Thursday into two sponges sandwiched with jam and buttercream, ice and decorate it.

Anyway, at 10:30pm, with lots of help from my husband, we’d managed to get the royal icing on the cake, add the (pre-bought) decorations and write the little man’s name on it. I had been hoping to make my own fondant icing and cut it into letters, but had to abandon that due to lack of time. Bit rough and ready, here it is.


It tasted quite nice and didn’t cost anything as I had all the ingredients already.

I put up the bunting I made for his christening out of an old duvet cover.


And today, his actual birthday, he received a lovely handmade gift from my friend, Emily who has just started blogging here. It’s a crocheted blanket. Which he took an instant shine to, and so the best photo I got was this.


Very disappointingly, the Waybuloo card I made in the hope of it being read on CBeebies, did not appear on the TV. Must up my game next year, or at least send it in within the timeframe next time.

Anyway, despite the card putting a slight dampner on things for me, the little man himself has enjoyed a lovely few days of festivities. And that’s what matters.


Here’s one I made a lot earlier …

My parents are having a clear out in preparation to move closer to us. A couple of bags of stuff was passed on to me. Amongst the holiday diaries (my parents were teachers; every summer, we had to write a holiday diary), exercise books, certificates, etc., there were some crafty projects.

This is what I made for my Textiles GSCE coursework way back when in 1998/9.


It was for a little girl I used to babysit for. I think she was just over 1. I remember that the polo neck didn’t actually fit over her head. So we had to improvise with one of her white tops for the photos. I think the examiner would have easily spotted that the top in the photos was not the same as the one I’d made, given that the one in the photos was a long-sleeved round neck. But, hey, I still got a B, I think.

I’ll keep this little outfit just in case we have need of it one day.

Here’s one I made earlier – bunny booties

Seeing as I’m massively struggling to get any crafting done, I thought I’d share with you some things that I made way back when I had the luxury of time to myself. (Pre-motherhood.) Not that I’m complaining, I love being a mum, but it doesn’t half impinge on my crafty time.

Anyway, I made these bunny booties for two baby girls last summer. The same girls I’ve just made the bunting for this summer for their first birthdays (Ava and Evie).

Evie’s booties

Ava’s booties

I always intended to make a third pair, but I saved it for my ‘when I’m off on maternity leave waiting for baby to arrive jobs’. But my little man came three weeks early, scuppering that plan.

Anyway, if you fancied making some, the pattern came from the Daily Mail. I found it on a newsagents’ counter and thought I’d have a go. It doesn’t appear you can find it online, all I can find is this. But I’d be happy to scan it for anyone interested.

More to follow in my ‘here’s one I made earlier’ series. These’ll keep me in blog posts for a few days anyway. And then I’ll move on to sharing things that clever crafters have made for me.