Quick Christmas stocking

New-project-itis struck me again last week. A friend had asked me to make a Christmas stocking for her little girl from her Christmas outfit from last year. Realising Christmas was getting ever closer, I got her to drop it round. This was it:


I was actually expecting a couple of outfits or something that I could cut up and make some sort of patchwork stocking from, like a smaller version of the memory blankets I’ve been making. However, my friend was envisaging the angel from the babygro being mounted on a stocking. That night, I cut the angel out.


I was going to buy some red felt the next day, and then I remembered … I was supposed to be attending a Christmas Angel making craft session last month with my Mum. We couldn’t make it, but I’ve still got the fabric I bought for us. My friend requested that above all else, I keep the stars from the babygro as her daughter loves stars at the moment. As luck would have it, I had some star fabric, in red and white. So I decided to do a lined stocking, with the outer fabric bring red with white stars and the inner, which would be turned over and shown as the cuff, white with red stars.

I interfaced the angel, ready for appliqué.


Then I traced round the stocking my Mum made for my little boy, to get a template. Then I pinned it to my fabrics, which were wrong sides together.


Then I appliquéd the angel to the front piece of the stocking.


After that, I sewed all the stocking pieces together. I made a loop from a scrap of the red fabric and sandwiched it between the layers, so that it would be on the outside when the cuff is turned out.




I used my pinking shears round the top of the stocking, so the cuff had a nice edge. I then used them round the inside seams, to stop fraying and reduce bulk.


This was the end result.


Pretty happy with that, especially as it only took about 2 hours. And little Emelia loved all the stars. Can’t say better than that!

Nap time craft time

Today was a rare day when I managed to get some crafting done in little man’s nap time.

Appliqué is now done. Found the ears and eyes the trickiest bits.


Now to sew in the ends and hand stitch the ears and mouth on.



Maybe this quilt won’t take me as long to finish as I thought.

Picking up my patchwork quilt

Now that I’ve finished one project, it’s time to pick up another. I’ve gone for the patchwork cot quilt. I think the last time I worked on this was when Andy Murray won Wimbledon. So almost a year ago. Shame on me! As per my previous post (Unfinished project No.4), I was hoping to finish this in the two weeks before my baby was due, but he had other ideas and came early.

Picking this up again, I’m not happy with some of the sewing. But I don’t really want to start again. So I’ll try not to be a perfectionist and try to treat this as the first-time project that it is.

The stage I’m starting at is the applique for the centre of the quilt, which is going to have a giraffe on it. Didn’t get very far at all with it tonight. Traced the giraffe’s body onto my fusible web and that’s it. But I’m tired. More tomorrow, hopefully.

Unfinished project no.4

I started this patchwork quilt in January 2013. Guess what?! It was for a birthday. This time, my other niece’s 1st birthday. When it became apparent that wasn’t going to happen (she was one in April 2013), I was then aiming to have it finished for Christmas last year. In my defence, I’d saved this to finish off when I was due to be off on two weeks maternity leave before my baby was due. Little Stanley had other ideas though, and arrived three weeks early, throwing my crafting plans into disarray. Anyway, said niece is now in a bed, not a cot. Not sure who to give it to now. Maybe I’ll save it just in case we ever have need of it … This project is a daunting one for me as I’m a quilting virgin. I was having classes but it didn’t work out so I went it alone. Probably why I’m putting this one off. I have made up the squares and centre section. Next bit to do is the giraffe appliqué, which should be reasonably straightforward …