Tool belt completed

My little man has had a long nap this morning, so I’ve finished the tool belt I started yesterday. Hurrah! It’s also helped me learn a couple of things about my sewing machine. I started by cutting along the side seams and below the waistline to remove the front of the jeans.

I then removed the side belt loops.

These loops were too small to reuse as loops to hold a hammer/other tools so I cut some lengths of seam from the trouser legs to use as tool holders. The instructions I followed said to make one, but I made two; one for each side.

I then decided that the ‘shorts’ were too long so I took a chunk off.

Pinned it.

Got sewing machine prepped, sorted my stitch. Then realised that I needed a walking foot. So I had to work out how to attach it. At least that’s sorted ready for quilting now. One less thing to learn!

I also discovered how to lower the feed dogs. Instruction manuals really are useful, I should refer to them more often rather than making it up as I go along 🙂 Anyway, it’s probably the wrong stitch to use, but I used a zigzag stitch to hem the bottom of the belt and to secure the tool loops. And voila!




New sewing machine!!!

… But it’s not for me, it’s a birthday present for my Mum. She suggested I give her my machine and she’d get me a new one as I’d been thinking about getting a new one. Nice as that offer was, I decided to club together with my brother and my Dad and get her the same model I have – albeit a much newer version.


The dilemma I’m in with my machine is that it’s a bit like repairing an old car and then not being able to justify buying a new one. I’m ashamed to say that my grandmother bought it for me in 2006. But I didn’t actually use it til I was making the orders of service for our wedding in 2011! Then when I started quilting last year, I bought some bits for the machine to adapt it for quilting purposes. So now I feel I can’t really buy a new one. I don’t think I use it enough at the moment anyway.

I found the perfect birthday card to go with my Mum’s present:


And here’s a little something her first grandson made her, with a little help from me.


Project no.1 finished!

Despite a pretty awful day, I have pulled it back from the brink and managed to finish my bunting this evening. That’s one project ticked off the list! Sort of. I said I’d use what’s leftover to make more bunting for this little one’s 1st birthday party. But I’m going to use pinking shears for this next lot so much less sewing involved. Will let you know how I get on. Ending the day on a happier note than I thought I would 🙂