My first commission

Exciting times in Unfinishedcrafter-land. I’ve received my first commission. A friend has added me to make two memory blankets; one for each of her children. She wanted them both for her son’s 1st birthday, the 26th September. Having sought the advice of my two crafty friends/gurus, I’ve said I can only complete one in that time. The price we’ve agreed will work out as a pitiful hourly rate, but it’s my first time doing one and it’s for a friend.

So I now have three boxes of baby clothes sitting in my conservatory.

We were supposed to have a blanket meeting last night, to choose the clothes and backing for the quilt, but I had to dash off to out-of-hours with my little man who had been being sick all day. As well as getting covered in sick A LOT, we’ve also spent most of today like this:


Not going to lie, it’s lovely having him sleep on me, he hasn’t done that since he was really small.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day I begin on the quilt. It’s a tight schedule so every day counts.