Seeing stars: take two

Trying day in Mummyland means that I’ve not cut as many squares as I’d hoped to have done. Struggling to get my little man to nap, but I’m hoping this is temporary – due to him being overstimulated by all the new things he’s learning. Today he’s been pulling himself up to standing on everything, me being his favourite climbing frame.

My day has been brightened up greatly as my husband surprised me by telling me we’re going on a spa day tomorrow for our wedding anniversary! Just what the doctor ordered.

Anyway, back to squares. Here’s today’s haul.



The stars babygro was 12-18 months so provided lots of squares. I was distracted by the news of my surprise spa day and managed to mess up the cutting of both the 6×6 squares I intended to get out of it. So I’ve ended up with one rather ropey one and lots of smaller ones. With every 4 3×3 squares equating to one 6×6 square, I’ve cut out the equivalent of 11 squares today.
Yesterday’s total: 39
Today’s total: 50

Creeping there slowly.

I think I could be suffering from rotary-cutter elbow. If such a thing exists.


I’ve been busy cutting out squares whenever I’ve had a moment. Takes longer than I expected! I focused on cutting out the appliquéd/fabrics with detailing first. I’m doing three sizes of squares 6″x6″ (6.5×6.5 with seam allowance), 9×9 (9.5×9.5) and 3×3. I’ve cut a few rectangles too, but not sure yet how or if I’ll work these in.


I’ve just laid out what I’ve cut so far – this is not how they will be pieced – to give me an idea of size.


What do you think? As I say, this is not how they’ll be pieced, but it’s coming out a bit better than I was expecting.

I reckon I’m nearly halfway there. Here are my piles. 3x3s are winning out.


Now I’ve cut out all the main designs, I should speed up a bit. I hope. I’m cutting 6×6 squares where I can, then 3×3 with what is left.

Mission impossible?

I’m on a big push now to try and get this cot quilt finished by Saturday. Thought if I wrote about it on here, that should motivate me.

Tonight, I’ve cut out the wadding and backing. Somehow, I managed to cut the wadding too short in length, but, fortunately, I bought enough for two quilts so I cut another bit to size.

The wadding has now ended up larger than the backing. I think I’ve also made a major rookie error. I read that the backing and wadding should be 3-4 inches bigger than the quilt top. So I measured the quilt and added 4 inches on to each measurement. In hindsight, I think that should’ve been 8 inches. Sad face. So not sure I’ll have enough of either now. But I’ll soldier on tomorrow and being the basting. Then quilt and hope for the best!

Here’s the backing with quilt top on top.


Here’s the backing on the wadding, to show that the wadding is bigger, width wise.


And here’s all three.


I realise that they aren’t in the right order. Hopefully I haven’t made a right hash of it before I’ve even begun. Maybe 9pm isn’t the time to start doing these things.