Ears, nose and mouth!

Evening in as a golf widow. No gym for me. The upside being I got to do the handstitching on my giraffe. He now has his ears, nose and mouth.


Filling in the nostrils was a little tricky. Not as neat as I’d like it to be. Made it up as I was going along really. But it’ll do!




Feel a bit nervous about the next step: sewing my colour blocks together. Think I’m going to have difficulties getting it all to fit together nicely. Watch this space!

Nap time craft time

Today was a rare day when I managed to get some crafting done in little man’s nap time.

Appliqué is now done. Found the ears and eyes the trickiest bits.


Now to sew in the ends and hand stitch the ears and mouth on.



Maybe this quilt won’t take me as long to finish as I thought.

Beginner’s mistakes

As I’m home alone (hubby on a stag do), I’ve resisted the lure of the TV in favour of working on my cot quilt. I finished tracing the rest of the giraffe onto the fusible web. I couldn’t understand why I had to trace it, cut it out, then iron it on to the fabric, then cut the shapes out of the fabric. That’s because I had misunderstood. Argh! I was supposed to iron the tracings onto the fabric and ONLY THEN cut it. Whoops. I realised this in time for the accent (brown) colours. But not for the yellow colour fabric.


I thought I’d be able to muddle through and iron on my cut out shapes to the yellow fabric, then cut again. Which would have been OK, had I not ironed them to the right side of the fabric, which was in fact the wrong side, I should have ironed them to the wrong side. Confused? I was.

Had to retrace the giraffe’s body and start again on a new piece of fabric. Thank god I had enough.

From there on in, it went smoother and I’m now ready to appliqué. That’s it for tonight though. Far too tired which means I’ll only make more mistakes!


Picking up my patchwork quilt

Now that I’ve finished one project, it’s time to pick up another. I’ve gone for the patchwork cot quilt. I think the last time I worked on this was when Andy Murray won Wimbledon. So almost a year ago. Shame on me! As per my previous post (Unfinished project No.4), I was hoping to finish this in the two weeks before my baby was due, but he had other ideas and came early.

Picking this up again, I’m not happy with some of the sewing. But I don’t really want to start again. So I’ll try not to be a perfectionist and try to treat this as the first-time project that it is.

The stage I’m starting at is the applique for the centre of the quilt, which is going to have a giraffe on it. Didn’t get very far at all with it tonight. Traced the giraffe’s body onto my fusible web and that’s it. But I’m tired. More tomorrow, hopefully.