7 metres isn’t very long

The 1st birthday party I’ve been busy making bunting for is today. Weather forecast doesn’t look great, so could be soggy bunting by the end of it. This week, I’ve been busy with my new favourite toy – pinking shears! Cutting out flags from the leftover material from my Ava Rose bunting. I had to go and buy more ribbon as I managed to get another 40 flags cut out. Opted for 7 metres of ribbon, which I imagined would zig zag across the garden nicely. Hmm. My maths and spacial awareness has never been great. After finishing it in a rush yesterday morning, I found it didn’t go anywhere near as far as I thought. But didn’t have the time nor the money to whip up some more. Looking forward to seeing it up at the party, bit hoping it doesn’t get ruined in the rain that’s forecast.