Liebster award

I was excited to be nominated by Jana at for the Liebster award last week. I’d seen other people get it over the months since I started blogging last May. In fact, I’m probably one of the few who haven’t yet received it, but I’m pleased nonetheless. Thank you, Jana!

For those that know all about it and just want to read my answers to Jana’s 11 questions and to see my nominees and 11 questions, please skip ahead. For those unfamiliar with the Liebster award, I’ve stolen this summary from Jana’s post.

This award is given from bloggers to bloggers. The idea behind this award is to welcome and recognize new bloggers (baby-bloggers, like me…) to the blogosphere (depending on the source, blogs with <200 or <1000 followers are considered NEW). Once the nominee has answered 11 questions, (s)he nominates another 11 bloggers, and comes up with 11 new questions. As these bloggers then do the same, it is kind of a chain letter.

So, here goes:

These are the 11 questions Jana set:

1. If you have to move to Mars and are allowed to bring only 3 things what would it be?

The first two are easy – my husband and son, if they count as ‘things’! My third thing would have to be my photo albums; I love looking back at old photos.

2. Would you stop working if you could live from blogging?

Yes, I think so. At the moment, I can earn more from my day job (copy editing/proofreading/project management) than making things, which is fine as I do enjoy my job. That said, part of the reason for doing this blog is to put myself and my projects out there as you never know what may come from it …

3. What are your life goals?

It’s cheesy, but just to have a happy and healthy family.

4. If you would be an animal in the jungle, which one would you be and why?

An elephant? I like that they travel around in herds and have a good memory. I have a terrible memory for most things, and remember the most insignificant things. Although, much as I enjoyed being pregnant, I wouldn’t fancy doing it for 6 years!

5. Would you survive one week without your cell phone?

I dropped my phone down the toilet last year (don’t ask) and lasted all of a day before having to buy a new one. So, probably not. Depends if I’m on holiday, in which case it’s much easier. But, in day to day life, it’s so useful.

6. Stairs or elevator?

Stairs if I’m on my own, I like the opportunity to burn an extra few calories. But I’ll take the lift if I’ve got the buggy.

7. What came first: chicken or egg?

Who knows?

8. How many types of love do exist?

Bit deep for me. Familial/platonic love and romantic love? I’m converted to the sentiment that having a child brings a whole new meaning to love.

9. What is the secret to happiness?

To quote a rather famous self-help book: wanting what you have.

10. What languages do you speak and verstehst Du auch etwas Deutsch?

I understand a bit of German, yes? I learnt it at school; I also did a year of French. I studied Spanish whilst at university doing my English Language degree. As I don’t ever use any of these languages these days, I’m pretty rusty.

11. What does the name of your blog stand for?

Having lots of projects on the go, but not often finishing them. I’ve toyed with changing it to ‘the impatient crafter’ as I’m always wanting to start something new before I’ve finished an existing project.

Now, for the tricky part, I found this hard. Despite following nearly 80 blogs on WordPress – I still haven’t got to grips with Bloglovin (any tips?) – it was hard to find some that met the criteria of being ‘new’ and having less than 200 followers. So, I am cheating a little by nominating two people I know in real life, who are also relative newbies to blogging like me. These are:

1) Lucy at

2) Asha at

I’ve failed to nominate the required 11 blogs, but I have a few more nominations. This has been a great opportunity to seek out some new blogs. So, I hereby nominate:





Apologies if you have already been nominated and I missed it.

My 11 questions for you are:

1) What is your favourite craft and why?

2) Are you an early bird or a night owl?

3) What’s your guilty pleasure?

4) What did you want to be when you grew up?

5) What’s your dream job now?

6) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

7) What’s your favourite season: winter, spring, summer or winter?

8) What book are you currently reading/What is the last book you read?

9) If you won the lottery, what would you do/spend it on?

10) If you could time travel, would you go back in to the past, or forwards into the future?

11) Do you have a favourite thing you’ve made?