Aunty Kate’s Big Bake

As I think I mentioned in my last post about making a memory bear for my nephew, his birthday was to be celebrated a week early due to his parents getting married next weekend. His party was today. The invitation contained a plea for ‘star bakers’ to get baking. Not that I consider myself a star baker (remember my recent Donnie Darko scones?), however, I do like to bake, with mixed results. So, naturally, as I like to put myself under extreme pressure, I offered to make the birthday boy’s cake šŸ˜

He’s car mad, so it had to be car-themed. I found this photo on Pinterest which I thought I stood a chance of replicating.


I baked the two sponges Friday night. I only have one 8″ cake tin, so I had to bake them one at a time. At 1hr 15 mins baking time, it was a late night. On the plus side, I discovered a new attachment for my Magimix, a dough blade and the sponges rose better than when I’d made them previously. 

Saturday night was decorating night. I trimmed and halved each sponge, then sandwiched with buttercream and jam before coating in apricot jam to help the icing stick.


Nice buns?!

Then, the scary bit. Four packs of black ready-to-roll icing later …


Dead on my feet, I couldn’t decide whether to plough on with the decorating, or go to bed. I ploughed on until I ran out of icing sugar.


Once my little man had gone for his nap today, I was back to it. I couldn’t get the consistency of the icing right and so had to abandon the star shapes for the grass, in favour of just bunging the green icing on.


Not a patch on the Pinterest version, but not a failure like my scones! 

Lacking a big enough cake box or cover, I came up with the perfect solution – which fitted the theme perfectly. 


(My son’s car storage box.)

The birthday boy seemed happy enough, which makes it all worthwhile.



All this baking has taken me away from the memory bear. I’ve also had a rethink on the colours and the new colour scheme works much better I think. No teasers, you’ll have to wait to see the finished bear.

(The birthday boy actually turns two on Friday, so I could have a busy few evenings ahead trying to finish the bear.)