Tool belt completed

My little man has had a long nap this morning, so I’ve finished the tool belt I started yesterday. Hurrah! It’s also helped me learn a couple of things about my sewing machine. I started by cutting along the side seams and below the waistline to remove the front of the jeans.

I then removed the side belt loops.

These loops were too small to reuse as loops to hold a hammer/other tools so I cut some lengths of seam from the trouser legs to use as tool holders. The instructions I followed said to make one, but I made two; one for each side.

I then decided that the ‘shorts’ were too long so I took a chunk off.

Pinned it.

Got sewing machine prepped, sorted my stitch. Then realised that I needed a walking foot. So I had to work out how to attach it. At least that’s sorted ready for quilting now. One less thing to learn!

I also discovered how to lower the feed dogs. Instruction manuals really are useful, I should refer to them more often rather than making it up as I go along 🙂 Anyway, it’s probably the wrong stitch to use, but I used a zigzag stitch to hem the bottom of the belt and to secure the tool loops. And voila!




New project – upcycling old jeans

I know I’m not supposed to be taking on any new projects … BUT as I was finishing my last post I spied a second pair of jeans my husband has ‘retired’. I had a quick Google to see what, if anything, I could use this denim for. Thinking along the lines of dungarees for my little boy. But I got another idea – a toolbelt. Very timely, as it’s my husband’s birthday on Weds. So the quilt remains on the back burner and I’ve made a start on the toolbelt.



To be continued tomorrow as he’s just told me he’s on his way home. Quickly squirrelled it away. On with the dinner!