Beginner’s mistakes

As I’m home alone (hubby on a stag do), I’ve resisted the lure of the TV in favour of working on my cot quilt. I finished tracing the rest of the giraffe onto the fusible web. I couldn’t understand why I had to trace it, cut it out, then iron it on to the fabric, then cut the shapes out of the fabric. That’s because I had misunderstood. Argh! I was supposed to iron the tracings onto the fabric and ONLY THEN cut it. Whoops. I realised this in time for the accent (brown) colours. But not for the yellow colour fabric.


I thought I’d be able to muddle through and iron on my cut out shapes to the yellow fabric, then cut again. Which would have been OK, had I not ironed them to the right side of the fabric, which was in fact the wrong side, I should have ironed them to the wrong side. Confused? I was.

Had to retrace the giraffe’s body and start again on a new piece of fabric. Thank god I had enough.

From there on in, it went smoother and I’m now ready to appliqué. That’s it for tonight though. Far too tired which means I’ll only make more mistakes!